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Corporate Headquarters :

1636-44 Route 38,
suite # 305
Lumberton, NJ 08048

In California :

23404 W. Lyons
Suite 223
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Phone: (973) 883-7045
Fax: (949) 265-9027



Printing and publishing

We are a one-stop shop for data entry, printing, publishing and business transcription.We undertake a vast number of jobs in printing and publishing, all of very high quality and supreme finish.

We have an enormous capacity for work – 6 presses that can provide 4-6 colors at blitzing speed of up to 15,000 impressions per hour and the sizes up to 28.5” X 40.1”. With us you are guaranteed to increase your response rate, revenue and presence in your field while at the same time subtracting on your overheads.We will synergies with you to streamline your workflow and print ordering.

Data Entry and Transcription

In data entry and transcription we are known for our remarkable accuracy and high reliability. Our TAT (turn around time) is astonishingly quick. We will deal with you one-to-one basis so that you will benefit from our complete repertoire of distinct business communication solutions to make you achieve all your goals Ours is a unique company in that it has a blend of expertise in printing, publishing, data entry and transcription. Transcription procedures and final output are customized to meet your needs.

Prime world combines a disciplined, strategic approach to your challenges with an enviable depth of knowledge creating and flexibility that will leave you flabbergasted !

Prime world does not consider any job too small or too big. The quantity you give us is the one that we accept.
We value the faith that our customers repose in us, to deliver on the dot, every time and accurately.

As far support, you need excellent material to be produced overnight, rest assured you have come to the right people. We are on call from anywhere 24 X 7 on our toll free number.

The most important component of what we have are our bean that, done that people. Our most precious asset of highly qualified experienced committed staff.


total quality management from starting blocks to the

  cutting –edge technology in concert with state  
  enhancing customervalue in business processing  

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